Bunny (bunster) wrote in fl_goonies,


I have two books: "Florida, Off the Beaten Path. A guide to unique places" and "More One Tank Trips with Bill Murphy".

Now that I have my house back in order, I would be happy to host a movie night and we can look at the books together.

So... Movies anyone?
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Sounds good - do you have movies or do we need to make suggestions?

I too was also planning on making a 'movie night' at my place once a month after I get a little more home improvement stuff done (see..PAINTING..argh).

I did get the White Muslim color done in my bedroom today though. YAY

Let me know when!
I have some movies and I could pick some more up. It would be even better if everyone brought a few of their favorites for us to choose from.

I will buy the pizza.

Coolio... Okay folks, what are your schedules like?

My schedule for this week is as follows:

Work M-F, 8-4pm no plans after that. Actually, that is the plan for most weeks.

I like the idea of everyone bring a couple of their favorites, then deciding.

I am open as far as times go. Just need to know the day before or even that day to make sure I have a sitter. Most of the time there is no problem in that department.
Might have to wait on this...finances are tight until after the first of the month.

Also - Thursday nights are never any good for me since we stay late at work on Thursday nights..however, Labor Day Week Thursday is good.

You don't need any money for this... Just show up and watch movies, eat pizza and plan trips with us. I live in Saint Pete.