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Canoeing in Florida (Or paddling with the gators, as the mood strikes)

The USF Option (With someone's usf student -Or teacher id) this is a viable option..

Canoeing and kayaking at Riverfront Park

Outdoor Resource Center and the Boathouse (CLOSED August 8th - 26th)
RiverFront Park (CLOSED August 11th - 26th)

Moonlight Canoeing (!)

Rental options:
Single Boat Rental: These passes will allow the renter to take out boats for up to two hours. Each pass is valid for one canoe or kayak (single or double). One person with a valid USF ID will be able to present up to two single daily boat passes for a total of two boats for the rental period. No refunds are issued for unused hours on the pass. Single Daily Boat Passes are valid for 30 days from the purchase date. Single daily boat passes cost $5.00 per pass.

Moonlight Canoeing: See our Moonlight Canoeing page for complete information. Students will be allowed to purchase up to 4 tickets (or receipts) with their USF ID. The cost will remain $5.00 per person.

Current USF ID required for ALL rentals and entrance into Riverfront Park. No Exceptions!

Questions? Please call 813-987-6840 at Riverfront Park. During non business hours, call 813-974-9395.
**Please note the boathouse will be closed on all school holidays and during inclement weather. If you are unsure call 987-6840 to find out if we are open. At no time will we rent boats if there is thunder and lightning.

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