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First excursion to The Ringling Musem Ca d'zan (Sarasota, FL)

Germany 16th Century - Scourger c1525 Polychromed and gilded wood

Bevy and Bunny giving us a point of comparison for that ridiculous seating space =)

Rubens (Peter Paul) - The Triumph Of Divine Love c1625

Rubens - The Gathering of the Manna c1625

Spain(Manises) 15th Century - Charger with Lion Rampant c1425-30. TinGlazed Earthenware

Francesco Salviati(Italian) - Portrait of an Aristocratic Youth(Possibly Gian Battista Salviati) c 1543-44

Salviati - Christ in the Garden of Olives c 1585

Francesco Bassano(Italian) - The Adoration of the Shepherds, c 1590

Francesco del Cairo (Italian) - Judith with the head of Holofernes c. 1630-35

Nicolas Poussin (French) - The Ecstasy Of Saint Paul, 1643

Carlo Dolci (Italian) - The Blue Madonna c.1670

Gerard Van Kuijl (Dutch) - Narcissus

Qing Dynasty (Chinese) - Ornate Archaistic Ding With Dragon

Qing Dynasty (Chinese) - Dragon and Waves, 19th century. Nephrite

Charles Francois Daubigny (French) - Moonrise, 1877

The sculpture garden!

The fountain:

A view facing the water..

Jan Looten (Dutch) Hunters in a Forest Landscape, 1650s

Jan Fyt (Flemish) - The Calydonian Boar Hunt, 1648

Francisco Camilo (Spanish) - Saint Louis Contemplating Death (Mors Imperator), 1651

Now, THAT's a chair. (I think I've seen one like it at the hassle lol.

Guiseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (Italian) - Cupid inciting a satyr c 1720

George Watson (Scottish) - The Sisters (Georgina and Elizabeth Reay) c 1810

Ahhh Fans! My grandma LOVES fans.

and that's it for fans..

William Ernest Reynolds-Stephen (British) - Roman Courtship c.1900

French, 19th Century - Elephant attacked by two tigers (Bronze)

Robert Henri (American) - Salome, 1909


Barbunny & Bevy a little beat after the Museum

So we headed over to the Ca D'Zan via electric shuttle.

Bev took these by the Ca D'Zan's entrance

Bunny by the multicolored window backdrop

See, THOSE are chandeliers

And a birdcage

Wacky Mrs Ringling loved green (and had these painted)

I've been told I look crazyeyed in this picture. I dont doubt it. Sleep deprivation is a hell of a drug.
I like the multicolored window panes though.

Ah yes, the SILVER ALLOY sink.

John Ringling's bar..

And that ceiling.. it's not even wood (!)

Now THIS is a door.

BarBunny and Bevy waiting for the tour to start

GREEN everywhere.

Old school thermostat

The devil is in the detail

Eclectic is thy name.

The ceiling was decorated with dancers of the world.

It's all about the chairs..

And the LIGHTS

The lights were unique in every room, most were noteworthy

Ceiling detail

The view from the first floor on up

Air vents at ground level

For when you need the help to come running.. throw a switch and a buzzer.

Wood detail

The library was full of book collections bought by the foot =(

John's office:

The master bedroom

The view from the 2nd floor looking down.

The back of the Ca D'Zan is on the waterfront.

The view from outside (Ca D'Zan)

Bevy & [JC]2.

Take a careful look at the bird of prey in the middle of the branches.

That thing was HUGE, the tree was gigantic and my zoom isnt that good.

One HUGE Banyan tree

Ahh the ocean..

[JC]2 "It was THIS big!"

BarbBunny: "Like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!"

The fauna was beautiful as well

The view from the museum to the water..

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