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Tampa Theatre Sat morning tour.. (We'll save this for September then)

Tampa Theatre, Balcony-To-Backstage tours

Twice Per Month - On a Wednesday and Saturday

Join veteran staff member Tara Schroeder for an entertaining balcony-to-backstage tour of Tampa Theatre, where art, mythology, and history are interwoven through one of America's best-preserved examples of grand movie palace architecture. Built in 1926, the lavishly ornate Theatre is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a Tampa City Landmark. The tour also includes a demonstration of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ by Central Florida Theatre Organ Society volunteer Bob Baker.

A suggested $5 donation benefits Tampa Theatre's continuing restoration and operations.

Tour Dates
* Saturday, August 18 at 11:30am
* Wednesday, August 29 at 11:30am

View photos and learn about Tampa Theatre's history and architecture.

I may not make it to this one (Damn budget makes me a hermit) but you guys should go!
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