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fl_goonies's Journal

The Fl Goonies are good enough. (Exploring!)
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Exploring Florida, USA.
A la Breakfast Club: What we found out, is that each one of us is a scientist, an old punk, a book nerd, and we all have a common interest in looking around us. Intently.

Join us.
So far, we've done little together. (Ringling Musem in Sarasota, excellent dinner at Primo's ristorante).
We've got plans. Tampa Theatre tour, Cave exploring in north Florida, Canoeing.

We're open to suggestions. Speak friend and enter.

Rules for posting (So far)
. Feel free to suggest outings, accurate information would be useful, but a general inquiry is fine as well.
. Anything more than 10 thumbnails should go behind an lj-cut =)
. No pornography. While the community is composed of adults at this point, this is not the place for it.
. No personal attacks. Hopefully this doesnt come up, but hey, just in case.